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A flag is an illustration or depiction of any form of body of an institution, group of people, or a country. Jesus One Nation Under God Flag. It may be draped over the front of a building, used to represent an armed force, or to herald an arrival of an important person. A flag is usually a plain piece of cloth with unique colors and designs. It’s most commonly used as an announcing device, a symbol, or simply for decoration. It’s not uncommon to see several flags in a building, representing a variety of groups or organizations. When combined, they can create a powerful visual symbol of unity and power. The US flag contains many elements other than the American national flag. The union represents the confederacy of states, which was later known as the United States of America. The colors were created by an act of Congress in 17 certificated by the first President Washington. The symbolism is most commonly associated with the red, white, and blue colors, although other colors have been chosen over time. There are several historical traditions regarding the union. During the war with the British, the union was replaced with the coat of arms. This was later changed when the soldiers in the battle at Monmouth, Maine changed their coats of arms to avoid being confused with the enemy. Jesus One Nation Under God Flag. The Union Flag has been there ever since, though it wasn’t until today that the colors were changed back to the original color scheme.


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