Hexing Because Murder Is Wrong Poster And Canvas

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Hexing Because Murder Is Wrong Poster And Canvas1


“For many years, poster printing has been utilized for a variety of applications. The evolution of poster printing and the methods involved have moved toward greater customization. The art of making posters has come a long way over time. When the method was first used for advertising, the message was clearly a matter of fact. Now, the focus is more on creative design and versatility of use with posters.

Laminated Poster. This professional, fully laminated poster uses the newer cladistics classification system which depicts six welldefined living animal phyla plus twelve extinct ones. The image on the laminated poster is made with the use of the digital lamination process. The lamination process, a special type of paper with properties that allow images to be bonded to it, was first developed by Elmer Fudd of Cornell University. It allows images to be placed on a high quality poster board that is durable and long lasting.

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