Horse Eagle American Flag

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Horse Eagle American Flag

Horse Eagle American Flag1

“The flag has played a key role in our society since its inception. It didn’t come into being until around 16angles after the introduction of the Magna Carta in Italy. Flag, a rectangular piece of fabric, bunting, cloth, or anything similar to it, displaying the insignia of an iliotibial band, the emblem of a state, an institution, an association, or a military unit. Flag can be used as a symbol of unity, territoriality, territorial rights, or freedom.

The first official flag to be used by the united states was the Continental flag, which was created by the Continental Congress on their third meeting in 1776. During the middle ages, there were different types of national flags that used various colors and stars. For instance, the Stars and Stripes were the most commonly used flag around that period. The Stars and Stripes had gold powder applied to it, which gave the impression that it was white gold and made the national flags so much distinct from the flags of the individual states.

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