Lest We Forget Canada Remembrance Day Flag

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Lest We Forget Canada Flag Honor Canadian Veteran Decor Remembrance Day Gift

Lest We Forget Canada Remembrance Day FlagThe American Flag is made up of thirteen horizontal stripes, known as stripes, which are arranged from top to bottom. There are forty-seven points, or horizontal poles, which are also known as the pole arms. At the center of these arms is the U.S. flag, which is thirteen and a half times wider than it is tall. The white stripes are arranged horizontally, like the blue flag, while the red, blue, and white stars are arranged vertically.

Lest We Forget Canada Remembrance Day FlagAll flags have a distinct shape, which has a number of horizontal stripes to distinguish it from other flags. When viewing a flag, it is easy to see that the vertical flag is much wider than the other two, which is what the shape of the American flag is based on. In addition, most flags have an equal number of horizontal stripes, making it easier to compare the sizes of different flags. The Red Ensign, with a red background, is the largest and brightest of all the flags.

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