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I Could Shit A Better President capDebt Interest Rate Cap – These invest in long-term fixed-rate debt. If interest rates rise, they cut into the gains their portfolios hold. If they see that rising interest rates could cause bond prices to fall, they don’t get involved in those markets. The primary advantage of interest rate cap is that you have a diversified portfolio (you won’t lose everything if interest rates fall significantly), but another advantage of the cap is that it creates a potential ceiling on your profits.

I Could Shit A Better President capBase Rate Credit Product – Another investment style that falls under the cap business is variable rate credit products. Variable rate credit products are loans with adjustable interest rates. For every unit of credit you issue, the amount owed grows according to an index called the base rate. As the base rate rises, the amount owed goes up, but as it falls, so does the amount owed. The cap on this type of investment is that if the interest rates drop to zero, you won’t earn anything. Investors using cap rates with cap rates typically own more than one variable rate loan.


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I Could Shit A Better President cap

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