Jesus with Pekingese poster

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Pekingese dogs are considered sacred, divine dogs that are revered as according to a legend about Chinese stone lions with the ability to ward off evil spirits for their owners. They are raised only by the Chinese Royal Family and are respected as gods. If you steal one of these dogs you will be executed. The non-nobles had to bow to them. When the emperor died, his son Peking was buried with him so that he could follow him to protect him in the afterlife. In 1860, the British invaded the Imperial Palace of China. Soldiers protecting the Imperial Chinese Empire were asked to destroy these small dogs to protect them from falling into the hands of “foreign demons”. Five Pekingese survived and were brought to see Queen Victoria. From those five Pekingese dogs came the present Pekingese breed. In 1893, this species was first exhibited in England. The Pekingese was recognized by the AKC Toy Dog in 1909.

Jesus with Pekingese poster1
Jesus with Pekingese poster1

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